Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fashion for everyone

All fashion advice for small-busted women is concentrated on accepting the facts and trying to highlight the other advantages of the body.

One of the advantages of women with a smaller chest is that they can wear all kinds and styles of clothes. If you want to accentuate on other features or wish to create the illusion of a bigger bust, read the following advice.

Cover your bust

One of the first advices to women with small busts is to cover them and avoid clothes designed to show them off. When you come to think of it, it seems like most clothes are designed for small-busted women. Choose tops and dresses that completely cover your breasts.

Wear a high collar

High collars and turtlenecks look dreadful on women with large breasts, but they can be very complementing on women with smaller ones. Deep necklines draw attention to the chest, while high collars concentrate it on the face and make the chest unnoticeable.

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